Enjoy our Tequila shaken in a Rita, by itself on the rocks, straight up, in a snifter or shot glass or as part of a 3 shot tequila flight.



Unaged. The true signature of the distillers craft.

1800 Silver smooth & sweet
Sauza Blue citrus/herbs
El Charro crisp citrus
El Conquistador clean/spice
El Jimador fruity/herbs
Campo Azul fruit & sweet spice
Herradura classic agave
Milagro elegant citrus
Sauza Blanco peppery
Sauza Hornitos red pepper/mineral
Corralejo citrus/spearmint
Oro Azul olive/creamy vanilla
Cabo Wabo warm & sweet
Cazadores smooth vanilla
Chinaco quince/dill
El Capo citrus/black pepper
Tierras Organic mild/agave
El Conde Azul herb & berries
El Mayor light spice
El Tesora sweet agave
Casa Orendain mint
Espolon pure agave
Hotel California tropical fruit
Asombroso El Platino floral/lemon
Scorpion Mezcal lime/cucumber
Corazon nutty tones
Casa Noble Crystal vibrant minerality
Cuervo Reserva de la Familia spiced vanilla
Hacienda del Cristero green apple/mint
Kah sweet agave
Gran Centenario cinnamon
La Certeza black pepper/citrus
Don Eduardo mineral/slate
Don Julio pepper/cocoa
Siete Leguas earthy/light
Sauza Tres Generaciones spicy fruit
Patron ultra smooth
Corzo citrus/vanilla
Maestro Dobel Diamond crisp/complex
Avion mint/rosemary
Tequila Ocho cinnamon/floral

“Rested” from 2 months to 1 year in oak barrels Smoother for sipping

Herradura mellow spice
Sauza Blue agave/brown sugar
Milagro citrus/spice
Sauza Hornitos sweet pear
1800 Reposado earthy/leather
Campo Azul cake frosting/honey
Cuervo Traditional herbacious
El Charro white pepper/caramel
El Conquistador vanilla/pear
Apacalyppo cinnamon/chocolate malt
El Jimador butterscotch/agave
El Mayor white oak
Oro Azul caramel/citrus
El Tesora cinnamon/vanila
Esponlon Canadian Oak
El Capo cinnamon/white chocolate
Don Eduardo fruity/floral
Hotel California toasted vanilla
Cabo Wabo dill/pepper
Casa Noble earthy/leather
Casa Orendain grapefruit
Cazadores scotch/bourbon
Scorpion Mezcal salt/herbs
Chinaco apple/peach
Corralejo lemon-lime
La Certeza roasted cinnamon
Sauza Tres Generaciones herbal
Kah vanilla/caramel
Siete Leguas fruit/caramel
Tierras Organic smooth/agave
Corazon dried fruit
Corzo oak/honey
Don Julio pear/apple/lemon
Gran Centenario tropical fruit
Mexican Firewater spicy hot/sweet
Patron bourbon
Avion cherry/pear/peach
Tequila Ocho crisp agave


“Aged” for at least 1 year in oak barrels.
Very smooth and mellow. Ideal for sipping
and savoring.

1800 Anejo marzipan
Chinaco wildflower/baked apple
Campo Azul aloe/green pepper
El Charro smooth oak
El Jimador oak/sweet
Corralejo caramel/pear
Don Eduardo dried herbs/sandalwood
El Mayor honey
El Capo vanilla/toasted nuts
El Tesoro mougat/caramel
Oro Azul colanut/brown spice
Espolon fruit/vanilla
Herradura cinnamon/pear
Hotel California spice/caramel
Sauza Hornitos caramel
Cabo Wabo honey/lime
Casa Orendain cocoa/citrus
Cazadores roasted cashew
Scorpion Mezcal tobacco
La Certeza roasted peppers
Sauza Tres Generaciones brown sugar
Kah coffee/tobacco
Siete Leguas berry/smokey
Tierras Organic vanilla/mint
Casa Noble sweet wood/caramel
Don Julio dark chocolate
Corzo honey/caramel
Corazon floral/rich caramel
Gran Centenario toasted coconut
Patron mellow agave
Cuervo Reserva de la Familia
toasted almond/apple
Avion coconut/maple
Tequila Ocho fruity/floral
Don Julio 1942 ripe apple/oak




Tequila Flights

What is a Tequila Flight?
Our tequila flight includes three 3/4 oz. shots of different tequilas to try with a chaser of Sangrita. Now you’ll be able to try more from our celebrated tequila collection! Choose from the selection above and enjoy!


The Paul Mitchell

Patron Silver
Patron Reposado
Patron Anejo


The High Test

Don Julio 1942
Cuervo Reserva Anejo
Tequila Ocho Anejo


The After Dinner Flight

Sauza Hornitos Anejo
1800 Anejo
El Jimador Anejo















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